The Centre for Indigenous Peoples and Community Justice delivers high-quality research, scholarship and advocacy on one of the most pressing issues in Western Australia, that of the over-representation of Indigenous peoples in the state’s criminal justice and related systems.

The Centre will engage with Indigenous peoples and organisations across the state and Australia, researchers, policy makers, and academics to develop solution-focused research initiatives that have the potential to increase Indigenous community participation and reduce excessive contact between Indigenous communities and the mainstream justice system.  The Centre is a focal point for research on issues relevant to Indigenous Peoples and Community Justice, including youth justice, constitutional law and governance, court innovation, effective through-care for Aboriginal prisoners, diversionary alternatives for Aboriginal youth with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and other cognitive impairments, and Indigenous knowledges and ethical engagement.

Centre Aims

The Centre aims to:

  • provide a forum for collaboration between the Law School, government, the justice system, and Indigenous peoples, organisations and communities, to facilitate research and education;
  • organise relevant conferences, seminars and short courses;
  • promote research excellence in the field, including supervision of postgraduate research students;
  • robustly advocate for the rights of Indigenous youth and their communities;
  • promote Indigenous-owned solutions and ethical methodologies for working in the justice arena;
  • work collaboratively with key agencies to promote Indigenous best practice and encourage openness and accountability.

The Centre conducts research in accordance with the NH&MRC Guidelines.

Centre Projects 

Aboriginal Night Patrols

Project Director: Professor Harry Blagg

Current Funded Projects

ARC Discovery Project, 'Regulation of Indigenous Safety Strategies: Night Patrols and Policy' (professor Harry Blagg, Dr Thalia Anthony, Professor Juanita Sherwood) $282,332

Constitutional Law and Governance

Project Director: Dr Dylan Lino

Recent Publications

Dylan Lino, 'Albert Venn Dicey and the Constitutional Theory of Empire' (2016) 36 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 751

Court Innovation

Project Director: Associate Professor Sarah Murray

Current Funded Projects

Western Australia Neighbourhood Justice Centre Feasibility Study (Associate Professor Sarah Murray, Professor Harry Blagg (Research Officer: Suzie May)) 

Feasibility Study Report 

Data Linkage Evaluations

Project Director: Dr Jade Lindley

Family Violence Project

Project Director: Professor Harry Blagg

Current Funded Projects

Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety (ANROWS) 'Evaluation of innovative models of interagency partnerships, collaboration, coordination, and/or integrated responses to family and/or sexual violence against women in Australian Indigenous communities: Fitzroy Crossing (WA); Darwin (NT) and Cherbourg (Qld)' $197,000

Corrections Project

Project Director: Associate Professor Hilde Tubex

Current Funded Projects

Australian Institute of Criminology, Criminology Resear4ch Grant 23/15-16: 'Building an effective community-based through-care approach for Aboriginal offenders in Australia' (Associate Professor Hilde Tubex, Professor Harry Blagg, Dr John Rynne) $55,176

Youth Justice and Diversion

Project Directors: Professor Harry Blagg and Dr Tamara Tulich

Recently Funded Projects (Projects Complete)

Australian Institute of Criminology, Criminology Research Grant 35/14-15: 'Developing Diversionary Pathways for Indigenous Youth with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): A Three Community Study in Western Australia' (Professor Harry Blagg, Dr Tamara Tulich) $47,883