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Migration, Mobilities and Belonging (MMoB)

(Photographs courtesy of Alex Soares Photography)(Photographs courtesy of Alex Soares Photography)

(Photographs courtesy of
Alex Soares Photography)

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Email: mmob@uwa.edu.au

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The objectives of the MMoB Initiative are to:

  • Serve as a research hub linking various disciplines and researchers across UWA, creating a vibrant research community
  • Contribute to the generation and publication of empirical and theoretical knowledge about human mobilities
  • Contribute research expertise to policy and public debates
  • Generate research income to increase research capacity and capabilities in this area
  • Develop connections with individuals, groups and centres across Australia, the region and beyond.
  • Promote the research expertise in this area within and beyond UWA.

Interdisciplinary research nodes

Interdisciplinary research nodes within MMoB cover the following:

  • International and intranational labour migration
  • Migrant and refugee settlement
  • Diaspora
  • Nationalisms and globalisation; new citizenships; cosmopolitanism
  • Intercultural interaction and communication
  • Fly in fly out work; multi-local families
  • Internationalised education; intercultural learning; cultural competence; transnational knowledge transfers
  • Transnational families
  • Temporary labour migration
  • Internal migration
  • Social networking and mobile technologies of communication
  • Risk (disease, sexualities)
  • Australia and regional engagement (Asia; Pacific; Pacific Rim; Indian Ocean Rim)
  • Religious diffusion

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