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Translation and Inter-Cultural Research Cluster


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Postgraduate studies

The Faculty of Arts offers the Master of Translation Studies (available from 2014) to provide specialised translation training.

The Translation and Inter-Cultural Research Cluster (TICRC) at the University of Western Australia was founded in June 2013. It represents an inter-school research initiative based in the Faculty of Arts and aligns within the strategic development plan of the Faculty and the University to achieve international research excellence in the Arts and Humanities.

Strategic development

The strategic development of TICRC aims to serve two main purposes:

  1. It aims to promote research on contemporary language and cultural studies by drawing upon UWA’s research and teaching expertise on Southeast Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, English and Cultural Studies, European Languages and Studies, Linguistics, Sociology and Anthology, Natural Language Engineering and Computing Sciences.

  2. It offers a much-needed platform for UWA’s research of and international collaboration on translation and inter-cultural studies to advance understanding of social and cultural issues of contemporary significance such as translation and multilingualism, migration, cross-national identity construction and cross-cultural strategic communications.

Research activities

To achieve these goals and aims, the TICRC is actively engaged in the following research activities:

  1. Research publications of monographs, edited volumes, refereed journal papers and conference proceedings.

  2. Organization of workshops and international conferences of Translation and Inter-Cultural Studies (e.g. the forthcoming ASAA conference).

  3. Host of national and international scholars and researchers working on related areas and fields (see our Key Research Areas).

  4. Interact proactively and strategically with world-class centres of Translation and Intercultural Studies by drawing upon UWA’s existing networks of world university partners such as the Worldwide Universities Network and beyond.