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PhD students

Here is a list of PhD students involved in TICSC.

Iris Fan

Ms Iris Fan

Iris Fan Xing is currently a PhD student in the School of Humanities in the University of Western Australia, working on a comparative research project of contemporary Australian and Chinese women’s poetry that involves creative writing and translation studies. Iris holds a Master's degree in English Studies from the University of Macau. Her bilingual (Chinese-English) book of poems Lost in the Afternoon was published in Macao in 2009. She was awarded first prize in the Poetry Section of the Hong Kong City Literary Awards 2011.


  • I Roll the Dice: A Contemporary Macao Poetry Anthology. Macao: ASM, 2008.
  • Fires Rumoured About the City: Fourteen Australian Poets. Macao: ASM 2009.
  • Amblings: Selected Poems of Leung Ping-Kwan. Macao: ASM 2010.
  • Wombats of Bundanon: Twenty Australian Poets. Macao: ASM 2010.
  • The Noise of Exchange: Twelve Australian Poets. Markwell and Macao: ASM and Cerberus Press, 2011.
  • Poem on a Plane Tree’s Leaf: Women Poets of the Tang Dynasty. Chicago: Virtual Artists Collective, 2011.
  • None So Raw As This Our Land: Seventeen Australian Poets. Macao and Perth: ASM and the Westerly Centre, 2012.
  • Bathing in the Dark – poems by women of China’s ethnic minorities. Macao: ASM, 2012.

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Anna Gadd

Ms Anna Gadd

Anna Gadd (née Colombi) is a Phd candidate at The University of Western Australia writing a doctoral thesis on the translation into Italian of Elizabeth Jolley’s Mr Scobie’s Riddle. She was an intern in the Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme 2013 and she has been involved in the School of Italian tutoring for 3 years. Anna holds a BA in Modern Languages (English and Spanish) and an MA in Translation Studies from Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy, where she wrote two dissertations investigating issues within the field of Translation Studies: one on the dubbing and subtitling of Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver (15.000 words), and one on the 1993 Fetrinelli translation into Italian of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway (60.000 words). She attended and presented at translation conferences and courses and she has experience as a Spanish into Italian and English into Italian interpreter and translator in different fields.


  • 2011, “Vulgarity and Allocution in the Italian Dubbed Version of Taxi Driver”, The Aalitra review. A Journal of Literary Translation 3 (2011):67-72.
  • 2012, “Elizabeth Jolley – A Biographical Entry”, Enciclopedia delle Donne
  • 2014, “Space and Language in Mr Scobie’s Riddle: translating displacement into Italian”, Jasal. Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature
  • 2014, "Lawson's Bush Short Stories in Italian", Amazon - A review of "Racconti" - Italian Translation of Lawson's Short Stories
  • Pending: “Janette Turner Hospital – A Biographical Entry”, Enciclopedia delle Donne, 
  • Under review: L’indovinello di Mr Scobie, Italian Translation of Jolley’s Mr Scobie’s Riddle.


  • September 2010: ‘Vulgarity and Allocution in the Italian Dubbed Version of Taxi Driver' - presented at ‘Found in Translation’ – Monash University, Prato, Italy
  • February 2013: ‘Home, House and other key words conveying displacement in Elizabeth Jolley’s Mr Scobie’s Riddle and their translation into Italian’ - presented at ‘DisLocated Readings. Translation and Transnationalism’ – Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
  • July 2014: ‘ “Parla come mangi”. Orality and Informality in Applied Translation Tutorials from English into Italian’ - to be presented at DIDTRAD2014 - Second Specialist Seminar on the Didactics of Translation – Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

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Ms Yihui Liu




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Dr Thanh Ngo

Dr Thanh Ngo is currently a tutor in Linguistics at the University of Western Australia. She has been teaching various Linguistics units. Thanh obtained her PhD in Linguistics in 2011. Her PhD explored the translation of temporal and aspectual expressions between Vietnamese, a tenseless language, and English, a richly tensed language. Her thesis received excellent appraisals from the examiners, especially in regard to its contributions to translation studies. It was described by the examiners as “a useful gift to translators”, as having “contributed greatly to Translation Studies, in both practical and theoretical terms”, and as having “important implications for Translation Universal (TU) hypothesis”. Her MA thesis, which she finished in 2006, is also concerned with translation. It investigated the challenges and strategies in the translation of the rich repertoire of address and reference terms from Vietnamese to English, which provided useful implications for translators working with the two languages. Her research interests include translation, semantics, pragmatics, tense, and aspect.


  • Ngo, Thanh. 2011. Meaning loss in translation: the what, why, and how. The case of Vietnamese – English translation. Proceedings of the “Synergise!” Biennial National Conference of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators: AUSIT 2010. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing Company. 136-167
  • Ngo, Thanh. 2010. “Interpretation of Temporal Relations in Narrative in Tenseless Languages:A Case of Vietnamese”. In Renwick, H. & Slamet, S. (Eds.), UWA Linguistics working papers (Vol. 2, pp 1-35). Perth: University of Western Australia. Available at
  • Ngo, Thanh. 2008. “Translation of Temporality in Narrative Texts from English to Vietnamese”. In Boynton, J.; Crouch, S.; & Przywolnik, E. (Eds.), UWA Linguistics working papers (Vol. 1, pp 63-89). Perth: University of Western Australia. Available at
  • Ngo, Thanh. 2006. Translation of Vietnamese terms of address and reference. Translation Journal, 10 (4).
    (This paper has been republished on the Translation Directory website as well as translated into Polish and published on the website: 

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Simon Tebbit 

Dr Simon Tebbit

Simon Tebbit’s interests include translation theory, Bible translation, the translation of figurative language, and the role of translation in language learning.  He is a tutor in Italian Studies and has recently submitted a PhD dissertation entitled: Metaphor in Biblical Translation: A Study of the Translation of Metaphorical Concepts in the Fourth Gospel in Modern Italian Bibles.  This dissertation proposes a model for analysing metaphorical concepts based on insights from Conceptual Metaphor Theory, and therefore finds its place in the ever-expanding field of transdisciplinarity.

Conferences and presentations

Attended and presented at:

  • May-June 2012.  Nida School of Translation Studies, Misano (ITALY).
  • October 2011.  Bible Translation Conference, Dallas (USA).

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