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Corporate governance for energy and resources companies


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KPMG and the University of Western Australia have released the findings of the 2015 Corporate Governance Report for Energy & Resource Companies. Based on the responses from company directors and C-levels, this survey provides an insider’s perspective of the corporate governance challenges and practices of companies operating in this industry.

The team from The University of Western Australia and KPMG are  Professor John Chandler, Kevin Smout, Mark Davis, Caron Sugars, Jared Clements, Barbara Gordon and Gill North.

In a challenging and volatile resources market, corporate governance plays an important role in risk management and positioning organisations to embrace opportunities proactively.KPMG report cover

Some key insights from the survey report include:

Recognition that we are in a period of where growth will be slowed for an extended period - systems and processes need to recognise this, including scenario planning for improbable outcomes.

Adjusting frameworks to keep ahead – seizing opportunities and managing risks are inter-related and should be driven collectively.

Cyber threat – will continue to grow – there is a need to understand and be prepared – a response is a necessity

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2013 Survey Report

Corporate governance for small and mid-tier energy and resources companies