Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education

Volume 34 (2008-2009)


Issue 1


  • The Recognition of Foreign Currency Gains and Losses in Australian Income Tax Law
    GA Barton (1-41)
  • The Doctrine of Penalties and the Test of Commercial Justification
    Paula D Baron (42-58)
  • Partial Failure of Consideration
    John Tarrant (59-72)
  • The Status of Flag Desecration in Australian Law
    Dan Meagher (73-102)
  • Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Offences: A Critical Study
    George Syrota (103-144)
  • A Century of Citation: Case-Law and Secondary Authority in the Supreme Court of Western Australia
    Russell Smyth(145-167)
  • Reparations, Justice Theories and Stolen Generations
    Antonio Buti (168-189)

Issue 2


  • The National Native Title Tribunal's Application of the Native Title Act in Future Act Inquiries
    Christopher J Sumner and Lisa Wright (191-227)
  • Implied Rights and Federalism: Inventing Intentions While Ignoring Them
    James Allan (228-237)
  • Herbert Vere Evatt, the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights After 60 Years
    Michael Kirby AC CMG (238-260)
  • The Incorporation of Contractual Terms in Unsigned Documents – Is it Time for a Realistic, Consumer-Friendly Approach?
    Aviva Freilich and Eileen Webb (261-273)
  • Who Are Judges Writing For?
    Vicki Waye (274-299)
  • Comparative Contractual Remedies
    Thomas D Musgrave (300-372)

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