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Further Information

If you would like any further information about SotL-in-Law, or are interested in becoming a member, please contact Assistant Professor Kate Offer

The Law School’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Hub (SoTL-in-Law), was established at UWA in 2013. SoTL-in-Law is a group of UWA Law teachers with expertise in and  a passion for Law teaching and who wish to share exciting, effective, current and innovative teaching practices among themselves and the broader community through research and writing in the area of legal education. 

SoTL-in-Law links academic staff with an interest in pursuing work that engages with teaching and learning in law, socio-legal studies and criminology. SoTL-in-Law members have a diversity of expertise and backgrounds in teaching, including: private law areas such as contract, property and torts; practical legal training areas like commercial practice; as well as broader interdisciplinary matters such as socio-legal studies, criminology, and Indigenous issues.

Current areas of interest for SoTL members encompass the scholarship of teaching and learning in both broad and more specific areas of enquiry including:

  • Researching the development and implementation of professional development programs for sessional teachers in law through ‘Smart Casual’: Towards Excellence in Sessional Teaching in Law – a Federal Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) funded research project in collaboration with Adelaide and Flinders Universities. https://www.lawteachnetwork.org/smartcasual.html Examining access to legal education at UWA resulting from the transition from the LLB to the JD.
  • Enhancing the teaching of Evidence law through the use of video role-plays of mock trials
  • Facilitating student engagement in large group teaching through mobile and internet polling of answers to in-class quizzes
  • Researching the role of law teachers as ‘gatekeepers’ in shaping our law students as graduates;
  • Measuring stress and associated behaviours of Law and Psychology students at UWA;

What Do We Do?

SoTL-in-Law provides a home for academics with an interest in teaching and learning issues.; We run a monthly seminar where we discuss the current research projects of SoTL-in-Law members and other scholars with an interest in teaching and learning issues.  We provide support for:

  • research activities in teaching and learning
  • initiatives in learning and teaching in Law at UWA
  • applications for internal and external research funding
  • applications for recognition for excellence in teaching


Visiting Scholars

If you are an academic or researcher who is not based in Western Australia, the UWA Law School hosts a number of Visiting Scholars each year. The SoTL Hub encourages applications from like minded scholars. 

SoTL-in-Law Links

Members of SoTL-in-Law are available for consultancy work. Previous and current clients include: public and private secondary and higher education providers in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong; State and Federal government departments; and higher education associations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


Our publications, Grants and Awards

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