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Crime Research Centre

The Crime Research Centre at UWA was established in 1989 as a joint initiative between the State Government and the University and was closed in mid 2014.  During this time, it was a major and innovative contributor to the collection and analysis of statistical data on crime in Western Australia.

It published annual crime and justice statistics which have enhanced understanding of the extent of the crime problem in the state and trends in criminal justice.

In 2007, the Centre produced a special series of reports on burglaries in Western Australia. The authors suggested that reducing or restricting the availability of amphetamines was likely to have a significant knock-on effect on the stolen goods market and, for many offenders, on their motivation for burglary.

The Centre's work in developing the Integrated Numerical Offender Identification System (INOIS) attracted strong interest internationally. It is one of the most sophisticated data-linking models in the world, providing accurate and detailed statistical data for the long-term study of criminal careers and the evaluation of criminal justice programs.