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Crime Research Centre publications listed on the UWA offical publications website:

Publications from previous years are listed under the Law School on the official publications website.

During it's operation, the Crime and Research Centre published a number of annual reports on Western Australia's crime and justice statistics for Western Australia.

These reports provide an overview that has significantly enhanced understanding of the extent of the crime problem in the State and trends in criminal justice.

Other reports the Centre has produced include Theft of Jewellery in WA and Money, Drugs and Burglaries in WA, both of which formed part of a special report on the prevalence and nature of burglaries in this State.

In June 2008, the Centre released its report on WA's crime figures for 2006. In part, the report noted that homicide rates, robberies and reported rates of sexual assault had not increased over the past 10 years.  However, it did discuss that reported assault rates had increased as a result of changes to family and domestic violence legislation and by improved recording capabilities and strategies within WA Police to encourage reporting of these offences.

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