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The Health Law and Ethics Hub has been established in the UWA Law School as a focus for interdisciplinary research in health law and ethics.

The HLE Hub brings together academic staff who engage in research and teaching in health law and ethics. The intersection of health, law and ethics raises fundamental questions about rights and responsibilities, for example in relation to the interest and rights in the human body, the beginning and end of life, the provision of health care and biomedical research.  Our members have a wide range of expertise and experience in health law, clinical ethics and research ethics and welcome interdisciplinary collaborations.

What Do We Do?

Members of the HLE Hub are engaged in a wide range of research projects (individually and in collaboration with others) and have interests across a range of areas involving different aspects of public health, medical decision making, medicine and the law.

  • Medical decision making at the end of life
  • Reproductive technology
  • Medical decision making for people with impaired decision making ability
  • Health care as it relates to the elderly
  • Regulatory approaches to health care
  • Participation in research biobanks
  • Privacy and confidentiality of health information
  • Regulation of access to administrative data for health research
  • Regulation of bodies and the legal status of body alteration practices
  • Civil mental health law and practice
  • Open disclosure and the application of apology legislation to medical adverse events
  • Public health, particularly relating to body image and nutrition
  • Professional registration and regulation

Institutional Links

Our members have established links with government departments, health care providers and medical research institutions as consultants, advisors, and through service on committees, tribunals and boards including:

  • The Reproductive Technology Council
  • Clinical Ethics Service for the Women's and Children's Health Service (WA)
  • The Department of Health WA and the UWA Human Research Ethics Committees
  • The Population Health Research Network
  • The State Administrative Tribunal
  • The Mental Health Review Board
  • The Ethics Committee of the Genetic Council of WA

Visiting Scholars

If you are an academic or researcher who is not based in Western Australia, the UWA Law School hosts a number of Visiting Scholars each year.The HLE Hub encourages applications from health law and ethics academics and researchers.