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(2015) Volume 40 Issue 1

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Table of Contents 


It's time exemplary damages were part of the judicial armory in contract
Lauree Coci, 1-38

Can Promissory Estoppel be an Independent Source of Rights?
Allison Silink, 39-71

Good faith and Post-Repudiation Conduct
Andrew Dahdal, 72-101

Tajjour v New South Wales, Freedom of Association, and the High Court’s Uneven Embrace of Proportionality review
Murray Wesson, 102-110

The Minerals Resource Rent Tax is Dead, Long Live Resource Rent Taxes?
Ian Murray, 111-137

Shareholder class actions – A critical analysis of the procedure under Part IVA of the Federal Court of Australia Act
Lang Thai, 138-162

Exploring the Alternatives: The Administration of Government as an Answer to the Williams Decisions
Adam Rompotis, 198-220

Pulling (Apart) the Triggers of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
Eleni Kannis, 221-243

Revisiting the ‘Wives’ Special Equity’: An Exploration of the Volunteer Requirement
Yannis Nicholas Vrodos, 244-266

The Balancing Act: A Case for Structured Proportionality under the Second Limb of the Lange Test
Bonina Challenor, 267-305

Preventing Justice? A Principled Approach to the Commonwealth Control Order Regime
Lauren Bourke, 306-347

Investor-State Dispute Settlement: The Evolving Balance Between Investor Protection and State Sovereignty
Arseni Matveev, 348-386

Taking Body Parts To The Cashier: Are The Courts Too Slow To Register?
Alison Ho, 387-398
Case Notes

ACCR v CBA [2015] FCA 785: Nonbinding Shareholder Resolutions and Implications for Shareholder Activism
Michael Hey, 399-411

Book Reviews

Gonzalo Villalta Puig, Economic Relations between Australia and the European Union: Law and Policy
Reviewed by Bruno Zeller, 412-414

WA Developments

The Violation Of Principle And Perpetuation Of Gender Bias In The Western Australian Assault Causing Death Offence
Meredith Blake and Stella Tarrant, 415-435

Security of Tenure for Retirement Villages in WA – Does the Law Walk the Walk or Just Talk the Talk?

Pnina Levine, 436-462

Foetal Homicide Law Reform in Western Australia

Lorraine Finlay, 463-480

Re-Thinking the Evidence Act 1906 (WA), Section 31a Evolution, Experience and Back to Basics

William Yoo, 481-503