Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education

(2021) Volume 48, Issue 2


May 2021

Contents Page

Fighting A Pandemic According to Law: Examining the Legality of Key Elements of China’s Early Covid-19 Response in Wuhan
Michael Hooper

Culpable Corporate Minds
Elise Bant

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in Australia: Are Human Rights Protected in the Domestic Juvenile Justice Domain
Stephen Monterosso

Misleading Conduct, Reliance and Market-Based Causation
Henry Cooney

Penalty Enhancement Laws: A Model for Regulating Hate Crime in Australia
Gail Mason

Expanding the Scope for Judicial Deference in the Mixed-Government Era
Rohan Balani

Justifying White & Carter: A Limitation on Excessively Wasteful Performance
Luke Moran

Consent in Posthumous Reproduction: Giving the Deceased a Voice Without Drowning Out the Living in Cases of Unexpected Death
Amy Thomasson and Marco Rizzi

Challenges in Open Banking —What are the Practical Steps to be Taken Now?
Bruno Zeller and Brian Lynch

Power and Punishment: A Closer Look at Exemplary Damages as a Response to Tortious Conduct of Police Officers in Western Australia
Alana Kildea

Putting a Price on Peace of Mind: Funeral Insurance and Consumer Harm
Lucinda O’Brien, Peng Guo, Ian Ramsay and Paul Ali

Guardianship and Administration Litigation in State Tribunals: Burns v Corbett (2018) 353 ALR 386 & GS V MS [2019] WASC 255 (Case Note)
Aarahnan Raguragavan

Kerry King, A Lesser Species of Homicide: Death, Drivers and the Law (Book Review)
Rick Sarre

Evana Wright, Protecting Traditional Knowledge: Lessons from Global Case Studies and Paul Kuruk, Traditional Knowledge, Genetic Resources, Customary Law and Intellectual Property: A Global Primer (Book Review)
Michael Blakeney

Paul W Kahn, Origins of Order: Project and System in the American Legal Imagination (Book Review)
Jing Zhi Wong