Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education

Volume 26 (1996)


Issue 1


  • Equity in the Modern Law: An Exercise in Taxonomy
    Peter Birks (pp 1-99)
  • Goodbye to Law Reviews
    Fred Rodell (pp 100-107)
  • Dispossession by the National Native Title Tribunal
    Richard Bartlett (pp 108-137)
  • Proportionality in Administrative Law: Wunderkind or Problem Child?
    Peter Johnston (pp 138-159)
  • Inkeeper's Liability in Western Australia: Tourist Accommodation Operates Under Uncertain Laws
    Trevor Atherton (pp 160-168)

Western Australia- Criminal Law Forum

  • Consensual Fist Fights and Other Brawls: Are They a Crime?
    George Syrota (pp 169-189)
  • The Specific Triggering Incident in Provocation: Is the Law Gender Biased?
    Stella Tarrant (pp 190-206)
  • Sentences for Wilful Murder and Murder
    Irene Morgan (pp 207-222)
  • Oppression, Fraud and Consent in Sexual Offences
    Neil Morgan (pp 223-240)

Book Reviews

  • A Radical Tory: Garfield Barwick's Reflections and Recollections,  Sir Garfield Barwick
    Reviewed by Peter Johnston (pp 241-243)
  • Australian International Law: Cases and Materials, H Reicher (ed) and International Trade Law: Commentary and Materials, M Pryles, J Waincymer and M Davies (eds)
    Reviewed by Donna Starr-Deelen (pp 244-246)
  • Legal Anthropology, Norbert Rouland 
    Reviewed by Emma Hawkes (pp 247-248)

Issue 2


  • Advancing Children's Rights and Interests: The Need for Better Inter-governmental Collaboration
    Alastair Nicholson( pp 249-267)
  • Directors of Public Prosecutions: Independent and Accountable
    John McKechnie QC (pp 268-285)
  • Evidence, Documents and Preliminary Discovery in International Litigation
    Martin Davies (pp 286-308)
  • The Retreat from Yerkey v Jones: From Status Back to Contract
    James ODonovan (pp 309-331)
  • Third Party Liability for Corporate Activity: Recent Developments
    Robyn Carroll (pp 332-360)

Western Australian Forum

  • A Useful Source of Western Australian Legal History
    RD Nicholson (pp 361-363)
  • Business as Usual or a New Utopia? Non-Custodial Sentences Under Western Austalia's New Sentencing Laws
    Neil Morgan (pp 364-388)
  • Western Australia's Termination Laws: Is the Nightmare Over? 
    Nii Lante Wallace-Bruce (pp 389-400)
  • Protecting Water Quality in Western Australia 
    Sharon Mascher (pp 401-426)
  • Planning for Integrated Natural Resources Management in Western Australia 
    Alex Gardner (pp 427-458)

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