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Further Information

If you would like any further information about the International Law Hub, or are interested in becoming a member, please contact Dr Fiona McGaughey.


The International Law Hub has been established within the UWA Law School as a focus for advanced research into public international law issues.

International law affects countless areas of society, business and government. It provides an important framework for global governance and shapes international, national and also local relationships in various ways. Members of the International Law Research Hub teach and conduct research to advance knowledge and respond to contemporary challenges in a range of areas, including international human rights law, international environmental law, international legal institutions and international relations.

What Do We Do?

Members of the International Law Hub are engaged in a wide range of research projects (individually and in collaboration with others) and have interests across a range of areas, including:

  • Public International Law
  • International Law and International Relations
  • Armed Conflicts and International Criminal Law
  • International Human Rights Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • Law of the Sea
  • Transnational Organised Crime
  • International Environmental Disputes


Holly Cullen

Philipp Kastner

Juan He 

Jade Lindley 

Fiona McGaughey

Melanie O'Brien 

Erika Techera

Sagi Peari 

Stephen Smith

Research Activities

For further details of the Hub's research activities, please refer to the profile pages of individual Hub members. 

Visiting Scholars

If you are an academic or researcher who is not based in Western Australia, the UWA Law School hosts a number of Visiting Scholars each year. The International Law Hub encourages applications from like minded scholars.

Visiting Scholars

The UWA Law School hosts a number of Visiting Scholars from outside Western Australia each year. The International Law Research Hub encourages applications from researchers in the field of international law.

UWA Law School visiting scholar program